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Our graphics team of crafty designers produce custom logo designs in line with your brand identity and company goals, with smart use of relevant color schemes, design elements and shapes.

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“Extremely happy with the logo design services provided. They captured my brand perfectly and delivered a visually striking logo. Highly recommended!”
John Smith
“Fantastic experience with this logo design agency. They understood my brand and delivered a logo that exceeded my expectations. Highly satisfied!”
Margaret Noah

Frequently Asked Questions

What is logo design?

Perhaps, the most fundamental function of a logo is representing, as accurately as possible, the philosophy behind your brand, company, or business. It is the first thing on your website that catches the eyes of a potential customer. A creatively designed logo is crucial for making your business idea prominent in the digital landscape. Along with demarcating your business, a good logo provides customers with crucial information about your company or brand. A logo design is a process of conveying the intended message through a distinctive and appropriate graphic. The designing process should aim at making a recognizable logo that must have a company's commercial brand or economic entity. It needs to have a different shape, unique color patterns, distinctive images, and font size to differentiate it from other logos in the same market niches. The broader and more ambitious goal of a logo designing process is to inspire trust, loyalty, admiration and a sense of implied superiority.

How much to charge for website development?

  • Basic logo package Price - $50 only. The perfect logo package for small-sized corporate or personal packages. With 3 custom logo design concepts, a dedicated designer and 4 revisions, we guarantee unique design and customer satisfaction.


  • Startup Logo Package Price- $100 only. Exceptional logo package for startups and mid-sized businesses. A total of 5 custom logo design concepts by 2 designers and unlimited revisions, this package is perfect for a customer seeking complete satisfaction.


  • Professional Logo Package Price- $150 only. Brand identity solutions for future corporate giants to set them a class apart. Our professional logo package offers unlimited logo design concepts with unlimited revisions. A team of 4 dedicated designers, stationary design, free MS Word Letterhead are covered as services under the package.


  • Elite Logo Package Price- $250 only. Top-notch logo design solutions for monster-sized corporations. Unlimited logo design concept by 5 award-winning designers with unlimited revisions. With a free email signature, all final files format, and a money-back guarantee, the package is nothing but a promise of the finest logo design for your business idea.


  • Business Logo Package Price- $350 only. Corporate brand identity solutions for classy business entities. The package offers unlimited logo design concept by a team of 8 award-winning professional designers with unlimited revisions. With this package, we ensure that you have a unique logo that perfectly matches the brand image of your company.


  • Gold Logo Package Price- $500 only. Logo design solutions for the best in the business. Unlimited design concepts by 8 award-winning designers with unlimited revisions. With 2 stationary design sets, free MS Word Letterhead, a 3-page custom website, 2 stock photos, the package offers everything you need in a perfect logo package.

How do I create a logo for my company?

You can create your own logo or avail professional designing services provided by expert companies such as Logo Knox. You can create your own logo by following the steps given below.

  • • Choose from a range of professionally designed logo templates.
  • • Add your brand name and other information (if required) to your template.
  • • Customize your logo with color patterns of your choice.
  • • Download and share your finished logo.
  • • You can now add your logo to business cards, brochures, flyers and more.

However, to better represent your brand value and identity, you can avail customized, professional logo designing services. The experts in the field provide creative solutions for effectively communicating the intended message of the owner. The dynamic team of professional logo designers and illustrators create multiple fresh logo concepts, keeping in mind the particular specifications given by the client. A customized logo effectively conveys the philosophy and unique brand image of your business or company. It gives you the freedom to choose the color patterns, font size, and graphics to be incorporated in your logo.

To keep up with the ever-changing digital space, it is important to employ creative digital strategies and out of the box solutions in creating a good logo. There are a few things that you should keep in mind to design a good logo.

First of all, you need to know why do you need a logo and what brand identity do you want to represent through the logo. If you have sorted out the first step, you can move on to the second step of finding inspiration for your design. You should check out the competition and understand the particular needs of the industry you represent. After you have selected your design style, you can choose the color scheme and typography accordingly.

You can communicate the information with a professional logo designer who will create your vision in a logo. It is of tremendous importance to select the right designer or agency who has the professional experience and ability to design your logo that best represents the brand image you want to convey to the customers.

Several companies or agencies provide a diverse range of IT services such as logo designing, website development, video animation, digital marketing, content writing, and SEO services. At Logo Knox, for example, you can avail of a complete range of these services under one roof. With such companies, you have the freedom to select one specific service, a combination of two or more, or avail the complete range of services. The services are customized, which provides you with an opportunity to contribute your creative input.

What to charge for logo design?

At BrandiMatic, we offer our customers a complete range of logo packages. You have the freedom to choose a package that best suits your business idea.

Here we have compiled the complete list of the packages with prices.

  • Basic Logo Package- $50 only
  • Start-Up Logo Package- $100 only
  • Professional Logo Package- $150 only
  • Elite Logo Package- $250 only
  • Business Logo Package- $350 only
  • Gold Logo Package- $500 only

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